The White Rose

"Rise up people, the fiery beacons beckon"

All About It...

The white rose resistance group rose up against Hitler by following ethical and moral beliefs. They represented innocent people during Hitler's time of ruling. The people in the white rose group at times risked their life or losing someone close to them, in order to stand up for there personal beliefs.

People and Places

What they do ...

Adults where expected to tell people if they disagreed with Hitler's beliefs, but it was dangerous for a citizen to go against a man with so much power or the government. Over 5,000 people where on trial for making jokes about Hitler or listening to British radio under the third rich law. This party controlled everything from news, media, armed forces, police, judicial system, communication, travel, and education from kindergarten to college level. They had to watch out for the government to occasionally spied on conversation and the friendships of common people. Telephones where bugged and eavesdropped on, sometimes even mail would be open before actually being delivered.
NHD Nationals Documentary: The White Rose


This society comes from a variety of religion. Religions like catholicism, protestant, and buddhism!

Kurt Huber

Kurt was a member of the white rose society. He was caught with a rough draft for the final leaflets in this pocket and was arrested. Leaflets where against German rule, they distributed for free and gave information from the white rose society or the community against Hitler. He quoted "I died for Germany freedom, for the truth, and honor. Faithfully, i served until my very last breath." Kurt Died July 13th 1944.

The end of White Rose

The White rose society had a big impact on Germany, education of what was wrong in the war, and much more. This all took so much courage to put there lives in danger for other people. In the end the groups leaders were captured and executed. The groups final leaflet was smuggled and air dropped all over Germany. When the war ended, White rose were heroes of the new Germany.


White Roses - Holocaust Remebrance