“The Man Cave”

A man’s group for the perinatal years

An online group that meets via Zoom, Online Conferencing. Registration is required to attend the group.

WHO: Any man expecting a child or has had a child in the last 3 years (Even if its your 5th).

WHAT: A monthly online meet up for men to improve their ability to support their partner and new baby through understanding postpartum depression and anxiety. The group will work to diversify your support methods, maximize your time and efficiency spent with your child, and provide a network of other men with similar goals. Topics include: child development, sex in the relationship, resources for dads, supporting mom (even when she is acting abnormal) and ways to maximize your effectiveness as a father.

WHEN: This group will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, with an additional quarterly meet up.

WHERE: Zoom online conferencing (Video call optional)

COST: This is a free, online community group. The quarterly meet ups are free. However, some meet ups may have a cost associated with them for participation. (ex. Bowling game and shoes, Buffalo Wild Wings drink and meal etc.). Every member is welcome to come and be with the group without spending money.

This group is brought to you by

The Healing Group