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Winter 2022


Career and Technical Education Month is a public awareness campaign that takes place each February to celebrate the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across the country. This newsletter is dedicated to OACTEP student achievements.

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OACTEP Student of the 2nd Quarter

The Octorara Area Career & Technical Education Programs (OACTEP) Student of the Quarter are students who lead by example and are role models for others in the class for their leadership skills, attitude, technical skills, and knowledge of occupational concepts.

Congratulations to the following students have been selected as the Octorara Area Career & Technical Education Student of the Quarter.

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Octorara Students Awarded State FFA Keystone Degree

Octorara Agriculture Department is proud to announce that 4 students have received their FFA Keystone Degree award. Two from Mr. Graydus' class, Clayton Carlin and Joe Gehron and two from Ms. Martin's class, Madeline Cracknell and Kaden King. To be eligible to receive the State FFA Degree from the state association, a student FFA member must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Have received the Chapter FFA Degree.
  2. Have been an active FFA member for at least two years at the time of receiving the State FFA Degree.
  3. While in school, have completed the equivalent of at least two years (360 hours) of systematic school instruction in agricultural education at or above the ninth grade level, which includes FFA traditions and a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program.
  4. After a student enters agricultural education he/she must have earned and productively invested at least $1,000; worked at least 300 hours in excess of scheduled class time; or have combination thereof, in a Supervised Agricultural Experience program.
  5. Demonstrate leadership ability by performing 10 procedures of parliamentary law by giving a six-minute speech on a topic relating to agriculture or FFA, serving as an officer, committee chairperson or participating member of a chapter committee.
  6. Have a satisfactory scholastic record as certified by the local agricultural education instructor and the principal or superintendent.
  7. Have participated in the planning and completion of the chapter’s Program of Activities.
  8. Have participated in at least five different FFA activities above the chapter level.
  9. Have participated in at least 25 hours of community service, within at least two different community service activities. These hours are in addition to and cannot be duplicated as paid or unpaid SAE hours.
  10. In PA, FFA members, who are at least juniors in high school may apply if they qualify for the degree.
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Former OACTEP Woodworking Technology Student, Jesus Duenas-Gonzalez Speaks to Students

Jesus Bedolla, a 2021 OACTEP Woodworking Technology graduate came back to present on the setup and operation of various hand planes and scrapers. Jesus also reviewed sharpening procedures and explained how the same techniques learned in CTE were taught at Stevens. He showed students joinery techniques and talk about his experiences at Thaddeus Stevens College and how the Dutchland, Inc. apprentice program is giving on-the-job training and life skills.

OACTEP and Dutchland, Inc. have a PA approved apprenticeship partnership for students enrolled in OACTEP. An apprenticeship is a real job with training, so students can earn a wage while he/she learns and become fully trained in their chosen occupation by the end of the apprenticeship.

Students Receive their PA fire Academy: Introduction to The Fire Service (Mod 1) and Fire Ground Support (Mod 2) Certifications

CONGRATULATIONS! All students taking the fire year in the Octorara Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy have completed the PA fire Academy: Introduction to The Fire Service (Mod 1) and Fire Ground Support (Mod 2). What does this mean? For Mod 1 Introduction To The Fire Service students worked for 16 hours on this entry level course which is designed to introduce new firefighters to basic information including an overview of the fire service, fire service organization, firefighter safety, personal protective equipment, tools and emergency lighting, and backing apparatus. This is the first of five levels (courses) in the curriculum.

For the Mod 2 Fire Ground Support students worked for 32 hours on this entry level course which is designed to introduce new firefighters to fire ground operation including fire behavior, building construction-structural collapse, fire hose, water supply, communications, ropes and knots, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). This is the second of five levels (courses) in the curriculum.

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Congratulations to the Cadets in the Morning Session

Row 1: Evan Colegrove, Colin Beiler, Cory Garver

Row 2: Andrew Worobetz, Caleb Cunningham, Kane Walters

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Congratulation to the Cadets in the Afternoon Session

Row 1: Lindsay Broomell, Alivia Tonielli, Desiree Aguilar-Quiroz

Row 2: Benjamin Koehler, Brian Moore, Skyler Benasutti

Patrick Lawler - (not included in photo)

Computer Technology Student Skills at Work

One of the TV monitors in the Junior High School was broken. Using his skills learned in the OACTEP Computer Technology Program, Senior Wesley Thomas was able to repair it.

Students were able to have a class chat with Amazon Elisa Hogue, Program Manager for eCommerce Management Team at Amazon. What a great experience!

Fun Fridays!

OACTEP Graphic Design and Illustration students and 7th and 8th grade art students are getting together on Fridays throughout the rest of the school year to learn about what it's like to be a Graphic Design and Illustration OACTEP student.

FBLA Students Compete in Regional Leadership Conference

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), student organization for the OACTEP Business Academy, held their Regional Leadership Conference where students competed in different business categories against other Region 9 members. There were over 60 events that members could choose from. Three students placed, which will allow them to advance to the State Leadership Conference that will be held April 11 & 12 in Hershey, PA

Tyler Lusby, a sophomore, placed 1st in the Regionals for Graphic Design. For this performance competition, Tyler had to complete numerous tasks which included: identifying his target market, deciding on a geographic area, designing an interior store layout, creating a logo, sketching a t-shirt or polo, and constructing a company website. Finally, he was required to record and submit a presentation explaining his project.

Cecelia McHugh, a junior, placed 1st in the Regionals for Accounting II. This objective test competition required students to answer 100 questions within a 60 minute time limit. The test focused on many Accounting competencies, such as, financial statements, Corporate Accounting, payroll, journalizing, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Brianne McGovern, a Junior, placed 3rd in Accounting II. Students who competed in Accounting II had at least one year of classes in the field.

Octorara is proud of all members who competed at the Regional Leadership Conference and wish the placing members the best of luck at the State Leadership Conference!

OACTEP Culinary / Baking and Pastry Arts Student to Participate in the Pro Start Culinary Competition

Culinary / Baking and Pastry Arts is getting ready to send a team to Penn State Main Campus to compete in the annual Pro Start culinary competition. Taking place February 23rd, Kinley Adams - 9th grade, Emmerson Ware - 10th grade, Xzaria Johnson - 10th grade, and team captain, Erin Haun (in the red uniform) - 11th grade will lead the charge. They will have 60 minutes to prepare and plate a 3 course meal consisting of an appetizer, entree, and dessert. The team practices 3 times a week preparing each element as well as working on timing and communication. The menu for this years competition is:

* Fried Blue Point Oysters, with broccoli rabe, pancetta, sherry cream sauce, finished with crumbled Parm crisps

* Sushi Grade Salmon, pan seared with crispy skin, Celery root and turnip puree, topped with creme fraiche and salmon roe accompanied by pistachio dusted roasted beets and finished with jalapeno beurre blanc

* Dark Chocolate bread pudding with creme anglaise and rosemary / honey ice cream

The team is looking forward to the competition and a chance to showcase Octorara talent at the state level.

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Octorara K-12 Career Corner

All school districts in Pennsylvania are required to have a comprehensive, sequential action plan to show all programs of guidance services, which stresses career and future readiness; Kindergarten through Grade 12. This plan is called the K-12 School Guidance Plan or 339 Plan. The OASD administrative/counseling team is in its final stages of this plan.

Chapter 339 is the requirement that Pennsylvania school districts have a plan of comprehensive school counseling services for all students, kindergarten through 12th grade. The plan documents the mission, stakeholders, counselor roles, goals, curriculum and delivery system of the school counseling program. In addition, the plan focuses on career readiness and includes a career plan, portfolio and strategies to engage with the local career and technical center.

Chapter 339 is part of the School Code on Vocational Education.

In accordance with the Octorara Area School District’s mission statement, the Chapter 339 Plan will develop a fluid process and reference for the district’s students. Equally, it will aid the district’s school counselors' efforts in helping students focus on academic, career and social/emotional development throughout their elementary and secondary school experience. This working document will help frame efforts toward the Octorara Area School District students’ sustained preparation and success in school while preparing them to lead fulfilling, post graduate lives as responsible members of society.

2021 Octorara FFA Graduate to Receive American FFA Degree

Octorara graduate (2021) and former Octorara FFA President, Scott Davis has had his supervised agricultural experience (SAE) approved by the National FFA Organization and will be awarded the American FFA Degree at the National FFA Convention in October. This award is the highest honor in the organization, with less than one percent of the nation’s FFA members receiving it each year. Over the past four years, Scott has invested an ample amount of time and resources into his SAE projects. These projects are student-led, instructor supervised, work-based learning experiences with measurable outcomes. Scott had several projects that amounted to working more than 2,250 hours, earning $10,000, and investing at least $7,500. He also dedicated more than 90 hours of service to the community. Scott worked at Green Valley Farms, a hay and grain farm operation for four years. He learned about the operation of a large scale farm, built relationships with local members of the agricultural community, and gained experience and skill in areas of equipment operating, repair, and maintenance. Scott also worked in the Octorara Ecology lab, trying to breed Tilapia and learning about the importance of keeping fish in a stable environment. He learned about growing fish and about what factors can affect their reproduction and growth. Scott’s most stimulating SAE project was restoring his grandfather’s 1950 John Deere B antique tractor. He completely reassembled the rear axle sub and the transmission case, and finished the restoration with a paint job. American FFA degree recipients go above and beyond to achieve excellence, with commitment and hard work to attain this degree. Scott has demonstrated his dedication to Octorara and the PA FFA Association in achieving this honor. Scott concluded his project earlier this year, while currently studying Honors Mechanical Engineering at Penn State University.
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