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Every week we will be sending out a quick link or idea for you! Look for the smore every Wednesday. If you are looking for something particular, let us know. (Any feedback is appreciated!)

QC #28: Summer Reading

This will be our last newsletter for the 2017-2018 school year, we wanted to thank everyone who has joined us every week! Here are a few summer reading ideas for you and your students. Have a great summer!

Professional Resource Library

Open: 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM

Summer Hours: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM (starting June 4th)

Closed July 2nd - 6th

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QC #27: Stop the Summer Slide

Library Media Services

There are several programs being sponsored by our department this summer to stop the "Summer Slide"- research has shown that reading just five books can protect students from a drop in reading levels known as the "summer slide", which disproportionately affects lower-income students (Alexander, Entwisle, & Olson, 2007; Kim, 2004).

Join us in making these great programs available to all students of AISD!

QC #26: Poetry, Poetry, Poetry!

We hope you are enjoying the AISD District Wide Poetry Appreciation Month! Thank you to the following departments for collaborating with Library Media Services: P.E., Health Services, Food Services, Science Resource Center, and Austin ISD Police Department. Here the books with the suggested poems and a few more related to the departments.
Join in on the fun and show the world how Austin ISD appreciates poetry.

Post images of your bulletin boards about poetry, share your students' poems, share your favorite poem, book spine poetry, found poetry, the list is endless.


QC #25: New Spanish Acquisitions

Here are a few of the new Spanish titles we have recently added to the LMC collection. There are more on the way!
We also have some new class sets in the collection thanks to World Languages. Let your Spanish teachers know!

QC #24: News from Abroad

Congratulations to Jacqueline Woodson!

The winner of the 2018 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award is our beloved new National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, Jacqueline Woodson!

Announced each year at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, the ALMA honors the very best of international literature for children. Along with the Hans Christian Anderson Award, it is one of the most prestigious honors in the world of children's books.

Check out these resources by and about Jacqueline Woodson:

Past Winners of the ALMA include:

More Congratulations!

The 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Awards were also just announced this week. Congratulations to Eiko Kadono of Japan and Igor Oleynikov of Russia for being the most recent winners of this "Nobel Prize" for children's literature.

Past Winners of the HCAA Include:

Celebrate the Award Namesakes!

QC #23- Fables

A fable is a short cautionary story/tale that has a teaching moment or moral to the story, a lesson to be learned!

QC #22- Legends & Myths

A legend is based on historical fact and will often mention real people or events. A myth is more storytelling not based on history and usually exaggerated.

QC #21- Fractured Fairy Tales

"Fractured fairy tales take the original tale and crack it open and hit it with a hammer." (Marion Rocco, AISD Bilingual Librarian and UT Children's Literature professor.)
Check out this professional title!
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

QC#20- Folk Tales for All- including Secondary!

What's the difference between fairy tales and folk tales? If you review the suggestions last week, each of the stories contained a little magic or enchantment. Folk tales on the other hand also come from our oral history and often have slight differences based on the physical location of the telling or the culture telling the tale. Folk tales have real life characters and situations. Humor also plays a part in folk tales.

Come back next week for "Fractured Tales"!

For more information check out the following websites:

Difference Between: Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

Folktale vs. Fairy Tale

Big picture
Add some creativity to the curriculum:

Do a little dance with Beautiful Blackbird by Ashley Bryan; creative writing lessons with The Coyote Rings the Wrong Bell by Francisco X. Mora; Practice character voices with Too Much Talk by Angle Shelf Medearis or Grandma and the Great Gourd by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Big picture
Develop the child holistically with these SEL folk tales:

Honesty-Juan Verdades- The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie by Joe Hayes; Perseverance- The Legend of the Kite by Chen Jiang Hong; Self-Management- The Boy Who Wouldn't Obey by Anne Rockwell; Self Awareness- The Jade Stone by Caryn Yacowitz or for older students- The Tiger's Whisker, "The Well Diggers" by Harold Courlander

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These resources can be used to extend the telling of the folk tale through traditional readers' theater or art activities. With younger children the use of the feltboard is not only engaging, but a great visual for our language learners. Older students will enjoy the Stories to Solve series which provide a mystery or riddle to be inferred or puzzled out from the text.
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Take the activities above and have your students become the storyteller. Storytelling is a lost art. It is more than memorizing a story. It is believing and sharing the "heart" of the story with others.

QC #19- Fairy Tales for All!

Now who doesn't like a good story? One with magic? Enchantment, anyone? Supernatural (maybe the beginnings of the Dean and Sam kind)? Or throw in a little fantasy? And of course there is always the happy ending.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be exploring: Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Myths, Legends, and Fractured Tales! Sign up so you don't miss one!

*High school teachers and librarians don't stop reading! Remember the Brothers Grimm stories were not always for the young!

"Refined" Readers of Fairy Tales

Each of these selections are for the advanced/"refined" reader of fairy tales. Beautifully illustrated with appreciation for the spoken and written word.

Big picture

Amazing Picture Books for All!

Fairy Tale pictures can be used to share a theme, explore fantasy, or for the pure enjoyment of story!

Big picture

Interacting with Fairy Tales

Add art, dance, drama, and song! Are all opportunities to add some creativity to your lessons.
Big picture

Teaching with Fairy Tales

Critical thinking, study of theme, symbols, characterization, creating new stories, reflection and response... the list goes on.
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QC #18 - And the Award Goes to...

The ALSC Youth Media Awards will be announced next Monday morning, In the meantime, here are some resources on outstanding literature for children and young adults.

But first, some possible 2018 winners?

Understanding the Caldecott

Award History and Background

Newbery Medal Criteria

Online Resources

QC #17- Careers

QC #16- Want more "DRAMA" in your life?

Adding a little drama every once in a while is not a bad thing! Let's get dramatic! Let's pretend! Let them express themselves!

For our students...

Big picture

For teachers...

Spanish Resources...

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QC #15 - Get Moving

We are continuing to take inspiration from the Creative Learning Initiative, with this week's focus on dance and movement.

Professional Materials

Children's Books

QC #14 - An Arts-Rich Experience: Visual Arts

Support the Austin ISD Creative Learning Initiative by bringing art into the library. Here are some visual arts resources; we'll feature other disciplines in a future QC.

Professional Books & Journals

Make Some Art!

Art History

Prints and Videos

QC #13 - Holiday Favorites

Some books to consider sharing with your students as we wind down before the winter break!

QC #12- More Than Math Manipulatives...MakerSpace Tools

Big picture

Tiles, Geometric Solids, Cubes, and more...

Ideas for MakerSpace activities-

Centimeter cubes- use for pixelated creations

2-D Geometric Shapes- create images for stop animation videos

Unifix cubes- build a city with the cubes using patterns and numbers

Two-sided chips- play "Integers War" student with the lowest score wins!

1-inch wooden cubes- use to create obstacle course for Ozobots or Bee-bots

Pentominoes- challenge students to create characters from the Pentominoes for story telling

Geometric Solids- have students create a story using the geometric solid shape as their setting (could be their home, city, or world)

QC #11- Games (All Levels)

Games for Language Development

Books for Game Ideas: Movement, Math, Multicultural, and More

Games for fun and more!


QC #10- Coding (All Levels)

Elementary Level- Computer Programming & Coding

Middle School Level- Using Scratch to Create Games

High School Level- Introduction to Programming Languages

Professional Learning

QC #9- 504 Resources

Professional Development Resources (All Levels)

Resources for Younger Students

Resources for Older Readers

QC #8- New Class Sets

High School Class Sets

Middle Reader Class Sets

Elementary Class Sets

Want to see what else we have available?

Class set list for 2017-18

We are working to add the early readers and picture book collections that we have available. When you are searching for a collection or set of books if you place the words "Class Set" in the search the titles will be returned.

Have a recommendation, please email professional.library@austinisd.org

QC #7- Social Studies Kits & Resources

Elementary Social Studies Kits

Middle School Social Studies Kits

High School Social Studies Kits

Big picture
We are in the process of creating Primary Resource Kits related to the decades. We have several newspaper front pages from historical events across the decades including the week of the Kennedy Assassination. The picture above are a few samples that were donated this month for this project: Reagan Era, Nixon Tapes, 9/11, and Challenger. We would love suggestions for these kits. Contact: Stella.Bromley@austinisd.org

QC #6- Around the World

Looking for resources to bring a global perspective to your classroom?

QC #5- October- Celebrating Readers & Libraries

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Governor Abbott declared next week...

Power Up Libraries Week- Sunday, October 1st - Saturday, October 7th!

Check out what's going on at the Professional Resource Library

Monday, October 2nd- We will be creating our own "Why libraries are transforming, because ...statements. See ALA Libraries Transform

Tuesday, October 3rd- # LIB.44873#LIB.44873- CANCELED-Collaborate with the Professional Library: Creating Lessons Using Online Resources-This session will provide an overview of how digital resources can support teaching and learning in the blended classroom. You will have the opportunity to explore and develop activities in conjunction with Explora, World Book, Britannica, Newsbank, and more.

Wednesday, October 4th- Collaborating with ELA to bring Donalyn Miller to the PAC for "Voice and Choice: Fostering Reading Ownership" with Principals, ELA specialist, and librarians.

Thursday, October 5th- We will announce new MakerSpace kits available- check back here on Thursday!

Friday, October 6th- Archive blast on Twitter-follow us @AustinISDLibs

Saturday, October 7th- Texas Teen Book Festival- 8:00 AM - 530 PM at St.Edward's University

Texas Teen Book Festival

Saturday, Oct. 7th 2017 at 8am-5:30pm

3001 South Congress Avenue

Austin, TX

Join teens and adult fans to the annual Texas Teen Book Festival. Meet authors, chat about favorite books, and even join the Austin ISD Faculty & Staff Book Club for a discussion about this month's book, North of Happy by Adi Alsaid at 3:30-4:30 PM.
Big picture

Austin ISD Faculty & Staff Book Club

Join the book club for online discussions and pop meetings all over the city!

September/October book- North of Happy by Adi Alsaid

Kick-off Party at the Texas Teen Book Festival!

It's all on BLEND!

QC #4-Professional Library SEL Resources

For Use with Students~ "Unlikely Friends"

For Teachers~

QC #3- Supporting the Literacy Plan

Our colleagues from ELA will be presenting information on writing and the Year 2 Literacy Plan at our upcoming meeting on September 20th. In the meantime, here are some recommended books and articles for you and your teachers.

Recommended Books

Recommended Authors

Recommended Journals & Magazines

QC #2- New Maker Items!

QC #1- Professional Resource Library Essentials

How do I request materials?

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Join us this fall at the Professional Resource Library to learn more about the resources available and how to incorporate them into your lessons.

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