The one of a kind clothing shop!

KCS DESIGN is the best clothing shop for any event!

KCS DESIGN is all about fashion and passion! They sell anything you need! Even if it comes to dances, an average look, weddings and MORE! If you need a one of a kind look. They got it and they can make it for you. Just bring in the design you would like and you got it!

Come to our shop!

In KCS DESIGNS you can find or get anything you need! You can get it on Monday staring at 8:00 a.m or at 12:00 a.m the next day!!! Along with the same times for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! Saturday and Sunday KCS DESIGNS open at 9:00 a.m and close at 11:00 p.m. We have hair accessories, nail products, our own clothing line and shoe line! You can almost get anything you need in this store! "The prices are amazing for being so beautiful!" Claimed one of the viewers. So come on in and stop by to check out the prices and designs that we have just for you. They are one of a kind and you cant find them anywhere else!


Guess what else?! That's right! If it is your first time in this store then you get half of everything!!! Half off dresses! Shoes! All clothing! Hair products! Nail products! But there is even more to this half off start! You get half off of you finishing cost on your receipt. Yup that is correct! Half off of your final cost! So hurry up before its all sold out!