Chapter 17 Section 2

Native Americans Struggle to Survive by Katelynn Gardner

People of the Plains

The people of the plains mostly people living by gathering food ,hunting, and fishing. Wild game like buffalo was hunted on foot. The Plain nations tame small herds of wild horses. Native Americans now had guns they could kill more animals on horseback. Tepees, cone shaped tents made of buffalo skin. Many plain nations followed the remains of the buffalo to lead them to herds. Almost all parts of the buffalo are usable in some way. The jobs between me and women are very different. The men do more of the farm work and the women cook and take care of the kids

Land stand for Custer and Soiux

New treaties in the late 1860s sough to end wars on the Plans. A Reservation is land set aside for native Americans to live . Many Sioux and Cheyennes gathered on land set aside for them o the Black Hills of the Dakotas. Custer and his men died in the battle of little Big horn.



The failure to reform

Reformers criticized the government for its harsh treatment of native america nations. Suette la Flesche knew all about the calamity befalling African Americans. Her father was the Omaha chief. Hopping to improve Native Americans lives congress passed the Dawes act in 1887. But the Dawes act failed. Because of it many african americand had to give uo many tradtions.