Weekly Geekly

August 26, 2019

State of the Chromebooks

The following carts are missing computers at the moment:

  • UT- #1is missing
  • Baylor- #3 and #4 missing keys and are out for repair

Please don't take a Chromebook out of a reservable cart unless you have that cart reserved.

So far, school has been in session for 7 days. On 5 of those days we have had a report of missing/damaged equipment.

By the way, when a computer is out AND WE KNOW ABOUT IT, there will be a chromebook-sized card in that computer's slot in the cart to let you know. If you see an empty, numbered slot, please email me and Victoria!

Searching In Google Drive

You might have noticed that if you search for something in Drive, you get a LOT of results. That is because it will actually search anything of yours PLUS anything that others in the district have out there with permissions set to "Anyone in Frisco ISD can view". So your search results might just turn up a document from another campus!

You can filter your search though so that you are only looking through your own stuff.

Simply use the drop-down arrow at the far right of the search bar to confine the search to your drive or to narrow your search by owner. That alone can help you weed through a ton of unwanted results!

YouTube Important Information!

It seems like watching videos on YouTube should be simple, right? Well, sometimes we run into some snags with that process, so I wanted you to know how to troubleshoot any issues that might arise! Here is a handout that addresses the common issues you may find when showing or sharing YouTube videos.

We have seen LOTS of issues already due to Google's suspension of Brand Accounts, so please take the time to save this document!

This is really important to read if you will have a substitute since subs cannot approve videos for Frisco ISD!


If you have old Remind classes that you no longer use, please go in and archive those classes.

If you follow the linked directions, you can even reuse the old codes for the class!

Please Turn Off Projectors

Just a reminder to please turn off your projectors when they are not in use. We are getting to the point where bulbs may start to burn out, and these bulbs are something that could take a couple of days to get a hold of. Are you ready to function without your projector for a couple of days?

Channeling Chip and Joanna?

If you want to rearrange your space, please make sure you put in a HelpDesk ticket for any student or teacher equipment that needs to be moved. Thank you!

Gone like a Flash

Flash will disappear in December 2020 from Chrome and Chromebooks. You may have noticed the warning pop up in Chrome from time to time. If you use any web sites that involve flash games, please be aware of this transition and start looking for alternatives!

For this year, if you have trouble accessing Flash in Chrome, please let me know!

A206- Please Do Not Use

A206 is the lab where we have our Chinese online classes. One of those classes has 33 students, and we now have 32 computers in there. There are headphones and webcams in there that cannot be moved or removed from that lab. This is not a reservable lab so please do not take your classes there. Thank you SO MUCH!

Shout out to Speice and Bullmer!

Evan Speice and Cynthia Bullmer have been rocking their Canvas courses. Actually, a LOT of you are rocking the Canvas courses. I cannot express how impressed I am with you guys! For real though, make Bullmer or Speice show you their class in Canvas. You will be in awe!