The History of Keller Texas

Abby Kancel

Keller was settled in the early 1850's, and got its name from a Texas Pacific Railroad official, John C. Keller, after the site became a stop on the railroad line. The wooded region around Keller attracted settlers because it was close to the Trinity River, a supply of lots of game and water, and land for cattle raising and farming.

With railroad service now available, Keller began to prosper as a trade center for the surrounding farm community. The post office was established in 1886 when the post office at Double Spring. In the first years, the closest school to Keller stood on Bear Creek Road and Elaine Street. The building was built by the Mount Gilead Baptist Church as a school with church privileges. The date when this was abandoned and a new building was erected at the southwest corner of Olive and Elm Streets.

Pictures of Keller now

Picture of Keller back then

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