Ancient egypt

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Physical Geography

The Nile River was used to protect the Egyptian' The Nile provided rich silt.a Greek historian called "the gift of the Nile". The Nile runs right the Mediterranean sea all the way to the red sea. The Nile protects Egypt by its fast rapids.

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is a stone is a stone with 2 languages on it using hieroglyphics, demotic, and Greek. The Rosetta stone is a part of Egyptian history. The Rosetta stone is important because that taught Greek or Egyptians to speak another language.It is important because it helps people understand hieroglyphics.

social hierarchy

the social hierarchy of Egypt is

--pharaohs were first because they were


-- craftsmen and farmers

--slaves and servants

people marry in their social groups.Khufu was the Pharaoh of the old kingdom.there are 5 ranks on the Egyptian hierarchy.




Hatsheput was the first lady to rule Egypt. she dressed up like a male to be ruler. Her step son vandalized all the monuments she had made. Hatsheput was ambitious for power. she made more trading relations between the land of punt. She married Thutmose ll. Hatshepsut had a temple made for her in deir el bahri. Thutmose ll realized she was ambitious for power.

king tut

king tut had his army march into Syria to assists Egypt ally.He ruled from 1336-1327. king tut real name Tutankhamen.after aknentan death king tut was crowned king. King tut was crowned king when he was only 9 years old. he lived in the town of Memphis in Egypt. His mom died when she gave birth to king Tut .

Ramses 2

Ramses ll ruled 1279-1213, He ruled in the 19th dynasty. he resigned after 67 years. he had a lot of battles including the battle of kadesh. the second campaign for Ramses ll had some difficulties because he had a battle with the city of kadesh. That pretty much cost him his life. Hittites had a war with Ramses for 20 years.


The Egyptians would give food and drinks to the dead because they thought there was a link between the body and that it would come back and eat, drink.They mummified the corps to not let it decay. They would put special oils on it and wrap it in cloth.