Forensic Science Technician

By: Noah Chang 9th Hour

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About the Forensic Scientists

  • Work 40 hours a week.
  • Examine and identify physical evidence from crime scenes.
  • They perform many tests to analyze DNA.
  • They trace evidence to connect suspect to a victim.
  • They reconstruct crime scenes.
  • They are called as witnesses in court.
  • They work in white and clean areas.
  • They make $35,700-$92,030 a year.
  • Doctorate degree required.
  • Specialize in a specific area such as entomology.
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Pros and Cons about the Career

Pros :

  • Nones of the investigations are exactly the same. Always different.
  • Usually get paid $16.59 an hour.
  • I will have a license to work. My job is secure as long as I do it well.


  • Under pressure to help solve the cases.
  • You have to be very factual on the job. No room for mistakes.
  • Prepare reports on their findings. A lot of paperwork.

Classes recommended to succeed in this career.

High School

- Anatomy





-Public Speaking

-Technical Writing


-Forensic Science