The 54th Regiment

Leaders of Freedom and Respect

5 Facts about the 54th

  • commander of the 54th was commander Robert Gould Shaw
  • the 54th was formed in March 1863 after the Emancipation Proclamation and organized by the governor of Massachusetts
  • the 54th was told they were going to receive the same pay of $13 a month but when they received their first check they only received $10; they refused the unequal pay
  • the 54th had only white officers because it still wasn't accepted for there to be a black officer even in the north
  • the 54th eared their respect as soldiers at Fort Wagner because they displayed leaders ship as they were the front line in entering the battle
  • the significance of the attack at Fort Wagner for the 54th was that it showed that blacks knew how to fight and were good at it too and it was a huge opinion turner