Garrett Morgan

By:Christian Sanjuan

Background Information

Garrett Augustus Morgan was born March 4, 1877. He was born in Paris, Kentucky. His parents were also former slaves. As a teen Garrett moved to Cincinati and got married to Madge Nelson. Two years later they divorced. Later he married to Mary Hask. Garrett Augustus Morgan died 1963 August 27 in Clevland Ohio.

Important Inventions and other accomplishments

Garrett Morgan first worked at a sewing repair shop then started his own sewing repair shop. Later he got a hair refiner of his own. Garrett Morgan also made the gas mask in 1912 but it wasn't until 1916 when it became popular. He also made the traffic signal in 1923. Some of his other invention are the self extinguishing cigarette the hot cone and the hair straightener. He also got a gold diamond studded metal for courage and bravery for helping men with his inventions.
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