Scientific Notation

By:Irvin Garcia

How many tooth paste were sold in the 2012

The amount of toothpaste sold in the 2012 was about. 1.200,000,000

The Scientific Notation of this was 1.2x108= 1.200,000,000

Why Scientific Notation is important.

Scientific Notation is important because working with 10 is much more easier. Scientific Notation makes the expression of very large or very small numbers much simpler. For example, it is easier to express the U.S. federal dept as $3x1012 rather than as 3,000,000,000,000

How many bills can be made in one day?

There could be up to 541 million bills a day. In Scientific Notation it will be shown as.

5.41x1012= 5.410,000,000,000

How many coca cola are bought in a year?

There about 1.7 billion are sold in a year. In Scientific Notation that would be.

1.7x1015= 1.700,000,000,000,000