Taiwanese Alumni Committee

Let's keep the connection going!

A thank you & a welcome

I would like to thank Winston Tang (ALC 1 2013) for heading up the Taiwanese Alumni Committee for the past two years! I appreciate you keeping VIA alums connected and engaged :)

And now I am pleased to announce the new co-presidents for VIA's Taiwanese Alumni Committee Yu-An Chan and Yi-Wen Lai. Please read more about them below :)

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Yu-An (Abby)

My name is Yu-An Chen and I was a member of ALC 2 in 2014. My most unforgettable memories of being in a VIA program were the times having conversations with friends. I met a lot of cool people from different countries and different cultures. After delightful communications, I was truly inspired by all the new thoughts from them and was motivated to explore this huge world. ALC made a better me and broadened my vision and that is the priceless asset that no one can take away from me. Joining this program was one of the most important life-changing decisions I made.

Currently, I am preparing my applications for Fall 2016 Masters programs in Chemical Engineering as well as doing some traveling. In February, I will be working at QUALIBOND TECHNOLOGY Company.

It is really an honor to be the co-president of the Taiwanese Alumni Committee. We'll make a strong network for all past VIA participants and keep everyone staying close. This Alumni community is gonna be the coolest and the most joyful space to share. Let's make this group a big family!

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Yi-Wen (Evan)

My name is Lai, Yi-Wen and I was a participant in the 2014 ALC 1 program. What I’ve experienced in the ALC program and the encounters with people from multiple cultures was just fascinating. The ALC program granted me the chance to exchange views with amazing people from different backgrounds. I was overwhelmed that although it was only the third day we arrived at Stanford, I already had a really pleasant conversation with a participant from Japan until 3:00 in the morning - and it is this very impression which I hope more students can have as well.

Being a young traveler, I’ve been to 12 countries, including Japan, where I met up with my friends from the ALC program. I’m profoundly interested in studying foreign languages and nature, which led me to major in Geoscience. In addition to academic work and studying, I also do translation for Ubisoft and the Department of Geosciences at National Taiwan University.

I am excited to see the committee working together not only as a platform where participants can exchange ideas, but also as a family where we simply enjoy gathering, sharing and helping each other.

Stay tuned for more

Yu-An and Yi-Wen will be connecting with you soon! You can also go to Facebook link to find out the next time VIA members will connect. :)