Belgium Project

By: Ricardo Morales

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Belgiums Flag

The colors of the flag are black, gold, and red.

Black represents shield.

Gold represents the lion.

Red represents the lion's claws and tongue.

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About Belgium

  • Belgium (Belgique)
  • Capital of Belgium- Brussels
  • Population- 11 Million, and out of that 40% speak french.
  • Languages are French, Dutch and German
  • Located in continent of Europe
  • Called Belgians, Belgen in Dutch, Belges in French, and Belgier in German
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Fun Facts

  • World's biggest producer of comics per capita.
  • Over 800 kinds of beer made in Belgium.
  • Chocolate was invented in Belgium
  • They claim to have invented French Fries.
  • The Belgian motorway system is the only man-made structure visible from the moon.
  • Known for it's large production of beer and chocolate.
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Belgium's Motto^

To know more about Belgium's motto, you can click on the button on top.

Belgium's Money

Belgium's money is in euros and has different designs for every one of the seven colored bills that they have. They have Grey(Gris), Red(), Blue(Bleu), Orange(Orange), Green(Vert), Yellow-Brown (Jaune-Maron), and Purple(Violet). For more information, click on the hyper link down below.
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Belgium's History

Belgium was occupied by France during the French Revolution wars and was transferred from Austria to France by the treaty of Campo Fromio in 1797. And that's how Belgium then started using French as one of their languages. It is a territory owned by France and to learn more about Belgium's history, there's a video down below.
Belgium: a small country... so GREAT in History