Community and Stakeholders

The Importance of their Relationships in Education

The Importance of a Good Relationship Between Community and Stakeholders

Good relationships between the community and stakeholders are crucial in education. Schools need the community and stakeholders collaborating to show and promote involvement in the schools. Positive relationships between community and stakeholders promotes growth towards increasing student learning.

Why Is Community and Stakeholder Relationship so Important You Ask

The relationship between the community and stakeholder is so important because they are the ones working together for the common good of the school. This relationship promotes the school's vision and goals. It not only promotes the vision and goals, but it helps to achieve the vision and goals. They work together to ensure the betterment of education for students, which is the most important thing! The relationship produces opportunities such as 4H, Forestry in the Classroom, Girl Scouts, and Recreation League. These opportunities provide additional outlets for students to explore their interests, thus increasing learning opportunities.