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Florence Nightingale/ Islamic Golden Age

Florence Nightingale

She made women more aware of nursing. Nightingale helped bring nursing to everyone's attention. She helped the people that were hurt from the battle feild and made them heathly again.

According to, Bull Nightingale also did dancing and mathematics when she was a little girl. Nightinggale's mother,Fanny, said "That it was time that Florence's education should be finished." Fanny wanted to bring her two daughters into grown-up society. For eighteen months, when Nightingale was a teenager, on the continent were full of excitement and happiness. Nightingale and her sister when and staied in London from April to July.

According to, Florence was a nurse from the 1820s to 1910. In the 1850s Nightingale returned to London, her home town. A few short years later she took a nursing job in the Middle East Hospital for Alling Governments. October of 1853, the Crimean war broke out. Later on she received letter asking her to organize a corps. The letter was from the secretary of war Sidney Herbert. Nightingale, as fast as she could, gathered a team of thirty-four nurses from many different religions.

Islamic Golden age 700-1300

According to, Arabic Manuscripts, in the 13th century, that Socrates in discussion with his pupils. The music and art, of the Golden age, lasted from 750 to the 16th century. Lustrous glazing he was an Islamic contribution to ceramics. " Islamic luster-painted ceramics were imitated by Italian Potters during the Renaissance." An Essentialaspect of written Arabic from,Calligraphy, was developed in manuscripts and architectural decorating.

According to, Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia in the 14th century, Alczar of Seville, whose flat intricately carved surfacesare typical of Moorish Facades. "Moorish art and architecture, branch of Islamic art and architecture developed in the western mot lands of the Muslims, Known as the Mahhreb." The Great Mosque Al Qayrawan in Tunisia was finished in the 9th century. "It was comprised a large court surrounded by galleries and opening into a Prayer room in the form of a hypostyle hall." Never less Christians showed their admiration of the great Islamic edifice and decoration in their way of their develpment of Mudejarart. The 12th century a closer contact between the art of Spain and that of N Africa was brought about by the Almohads.