Best Crib and Bassinet

Iris Morales & Sam Taing


Here is a helpful guide to give you information on how to pick the perfect crib and bassinet to fit your baby's sleeping needs.

Picking the right crib and bassinet

Avoid: Drop-Side-Cribs: these cribs sides can be detached and children can be wedged between the side and the mattress and can be strangled or suffocate. Crib-Bumpers (which are padding that attaches to the inside of the crib railing to cushion all four sides): with these crib bumpers many organization say that they raise the risk of having SIDS. So please avoid these types of cribs. On average a crib will cost you about $100- $500 for a safe crib, but there are some that range from $800-$1000 and the more expensive it is the better quality you will get. You should stop using the bassinet when your baby reaches the weight limit, can roll over, crawl, or sit up. Also try to avoid motion or rocking feature, as these have caused suffocation when babies rolled against the edge. These are some safety tips before picking a crib or bassinet. Lastly, there is an association called JPMA, (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) that test products for babies and see if it is safe. So if you want to find the right crib see if the crib is certified by JPMA.

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