Visit Pennsylvania!

~ Gabe Guio

Pennsylvania offers outstanding Job opportunists!

Pennsylvania offers many jobs from farm owners to business men, we need them all

  • Farm owners/Cattle Owners - Our soil offers great growth off Corn and Wheat. Also with our great climates it is very suitable for livestock life.
  • Miners/Lumberjacks - We have many natural resources available Such as iron ore, and good rich Lumber
  • A lot of production goes on so we need the very talented Salesmen to sell these fine products.

A beutiful world!

Quakers Welcome You!

Pennsylvania is home of the Quakers, we don't believe in the strict laws of the puritan church so feel free to be who you want here at Pennsylvania! and if you're lucky you can study under the great man William Penn

We are Pennsylvania!

We located north of the southern colonies, and south of the England colonies, We mainly have Dutch Settlers but we welcome everyone!

Some Penn State History

We are home of the Quakers Discovered by William Penn, We border New Amsterdam (New York). We are one of the top 3 biggest and richest colonies of the new world! We offer the freedom of religion with good rights to women too. We have much better relations with Native Colonies so to fuss, we are kind to everyone!