How was it created? Influence on the world?


Christianity has the most followers out of any religion on earth, it has over 1000 million followers. Most of those 1000 million are Roman Catholic which has the most popular of the branches of christianity. The 3 most common branches are Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christian.

Christianity cont.

Most religions believe that the world is eternal and that you reincarnate. But Christians believe that after death you go to heaven and live forever there. They also believe that you only have to have a relationship with god to get into heaven and that it is possible because jesus died on the cross for us.


Buddhism originated in the country of India. It was started by a young prince named Siddattha Gotama. At the time when he was young people were questioning a lot of things and Siddattha believed that he had the answers. So when he got older he left his life as a prince and lived with the peasants to understand suffering which later becomes one of the most important things in Buddhism. Siddattha grows up and is called by the name Buddha.

Buddhism Cont.

Buddhism is made up of goals called the 4 truths. The first truth is the existance of suffering. Agknolwedging that evreything in life has to do with suffering such as birth, death, sickness etc. The second truth is that suffering exsits because of our desire for worldly possessions. The third truth is that suffering can be stopped. And the fourth truth is to stop suffering. A buddhists goal in life is to have complete understanding of the four truths.

Buddhism cont.

Even though Buddhism originated in India it is most common in Japan. More people practice the religion in Japan and other parts of Asia than they do in India. Buddhism has affected Japan's culture a lot. It has affected their architecture, art, music, understanding of philosphy and psycology.