Bishop Miege

The School for Succes


Are you questioning what high school you think you want to go to or where to send your child? Well question no more! Here at Bishop Miege, we take pride in our school by keeping it clean, treating everyone with respect, and delivering the best academic and social experience possible! We have many events socially throughout the year, like, football games, mixers, fundraisers, mission trips, and other sporting events. There are many clubs you can join to meet new people and get involved in a friendly environment. We are very proud of our achievements and stats, so here are a few.

- 50% of Miege staff have been here for 10+ years

- 90-95% of our students are college bound

- Miege graduates often average more than $25,000 in scholarships

- More than 60 college credit hours are available in our AP program

- Named "Best Athletic Program in Kansas" in the May 16, 2005, issue of Sports illustrated