The followers are Jews


In Judaism, there is only one god. They have many names, but since there are no there are no other gods, most people refer to them as "God". Their common figure is Moses. The Jews and their god consider everyone equal. They must follow God's laws along with the 10 Commandments. Jews study the Torah, the Holy Book of their religion. They also pray to God.
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The Star of David is the symbol for Judaism.

Traditions, Sacraments and Holidays

Some Jews don't eat pork, shellfish, or milk with meat. Any food besides this is called "Kosher food". When kids turn 13, they have a bar or bat mitzvah. Bar means "boy" and bat means "girl". This is the day when they become adults. Rosh Hashanah starts when the new year starts and everyone starts fasting, while Yom Kippur celebrates the end of Rosh Hashanah, and everyone stops fasting and celebrates. Every Friday evening to Saturday evening is Sabbath, which is a very holy day.
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Holy Book, Places of Worship, and Worship Leaders

Jews worship at a place called a synagogue. The holy book is called the Torah. The Hebrew Bible is called the Tanakh. The Talmud is a collection of interpretation of laws and writings from the Tanakh. The rabbi is the teacher of the Torah. The imams are the prayer leaders. The marja is also a teacher and leads the call to prayer. The holy city is Jerusalem.
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Jerusalem contains the Western Wall and the Holy Sepulchre, and both are holy places.


1. Besides God, which religious figure is common to all three religions?

A: Abraham

2. Which view about God is common to all three religions?

A: Monotheism

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