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Naruto - Live Activity Show

With the announcement that actors have actually been cast, news of the Naruto live action show has actually spread out rapidly.

The program, which will incorporate live stage with video to provide a "smooth change" from phase to display, premiers on July 18th and will showcase "dynamic activity series". The program will run daily from the premier date with to August 31st with 40 programs playing entirely.

There will be four collectible fans to obtain your hands on when you buy your sydney opera residence from the USJ website, and there will also be popcorn packets with initial Naruto pictures.

So how well will the cast of the show portray their characters. They would definitely have similarities as far as appearances are worried, however it's unlikely that they would have any striking similarities as anime oftens exaggerate features. One commenter remarked "Well, its not like it's simple to discover a 50 year old with substantial boobs.".

Though the idea of seeing this show is exiting, one can't help but ask yourself whether this is simply a stepping stone for Universal Studios to bring a live action Naruto motion picture to the big display. It's possible that this is merely an attraction to bring site visitors to their amusement park, however when you're dealing with cash starving motion picture companies it's hard to believe they are not considering something more.

Applying this program would provide them with a perfect opportunity to investigate the fans interest in seeing a live activity film by observing how well tickets offer as well as exactly how the audience respond to the show - do they like it in spite of the constraints of live action as opposed to animation?

Looking at Dragonball Development as an example we can clearly see that Hollywood does not understand how you can equate anime into a motion picture. Amongst other things they such as to Americanize it (or Westernize if you prefer), and Eastern aspects are lost. And looking once again at DB Advancement I think we can say with some self-confidence that it was not created by anime fans, or real fans anyway.

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