My Bucket list

By: Philmon Gashaw

Mount Rorima, Venuzuela

The Mount Rorima in Venuzuela is like an extremely high plataue. Flat on the top, which is above the clouds. This gives you a perfect view of the wish-washing white ocean. I want to go here because of the one reason you go to a mountain. I want to climb or ride a helicopter to see the extrordinary view the mountain provides.
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Nishamauru Garden, Japan

The Nishamauru Garden is like a maintaned tropical forest. Its beauty is shown by its color. And its color is what I mainley want to see. Also, it has several small buidings above a pond that I would like to visit. It is located near the Oscar Castel which gives you a medival feel added to the tropical.
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Tahiti, French Polynisia

This ia like a Modern but still tropical, Bora Bora. It has modern houses on a lagoon, but still gives you a feeling that you are on several tropical islands. It has tropical fruits, trees and flowers that you would not find anywhere else.
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