Raising Animals for Food

Beth Zuber

Meat Production and consumption has increased dramatically sense the 50's

We affect the amount of energy that is being used by how what we eat.

Some choices are better than others when it comes to meat.

(Picture from book -Pg. 268)

Feedlots-Pros and Cons

Better for the economy and for producing large amounts of food.

  • 45% of grain production goes to livestock and poultry.
  • Reduces grazing impacts

  • Large amounts of livestock waist can pollute water.
  • Livestock are a major source of greenhouse gasses.

Aquaculture-Pros and Cons

Less impact on environment
  • Uses less fossil fuels
  • Provides safe work environment
  • Left over fish are great fertilizers

Negative impacts

  • Dense fisheries make it easier to spread disease
  • Stress for wild fish
  • Transgenetics could increase extinction rates of wild fish

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