First Grade

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Second Step

The Second Step program aims to increase students' academic success, decrease problem behaviors and promote social-emotional competence and self-regulation.

First grade Second Step lessons build on skills learned in Kindergarten, and focus on Unit 3: Emotion Management and Unit 5: Child Protection.

Unit 3: Emotion Management

Students learn to understand and recognize their own and others' strong feelings. Students learn and practice techniques for calming down strong feelings.

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Unit 5: Child Protection

The Child Protection Unit lessons help students learn to recognize, refuse & report unsafe situations and touches and sexually abusive touch. Students learn important rules about general safety & touching safety that will help keep them safe from dangerous or abusive situations. Students also learn how to report any unsafe or abusive situations to a caring adult.

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Second Step Scope and Sequence

First grade Second Step lessons are taught at THE in the following order:

Unit 3: Emotion Management

Lesson 12: Identifying Our Own Feelings

Lesson 13: Strong Feelings

Lesson 14: Calming Down Anger

Lesson 15: Self-Talk for Calming Down

Lesson 16: Managing Worry

Unit 5: Child Protection

Lesson 1: Ways to Stay Safe

Lesson 2: The Always Ask First Rule

Lesson 3: Safe and Unsafe Touches

Lesson 4: The Touching Rule

Lesson 5: Practicing Staying Safe

Lesson 6: Reviewing Safety Rules

Second Step Learning Targets

I have identified a learning target for each first grade Second Step lesson. Learning targets are aligned with American School Counselor Association (ASCA) student mindsets & behaviors. At the end of each lesson, students should be able to demonstrate mastery of the learning target.

Unit 3: Emotion Management

Lesson 12: I can identify one adult at school and at home to talk to about my feelings.

Lesson 13: I can demonstrate two Calming Down steps.

Lesson 14: I can demonstrate three Calming Down steps.

Lesson 15: I can demonstrate positive self-talk.

Lesson 16: I can describe how my body feels when I am worried.

Unit 5: Child Protection

Lesson 1: I can recognize safe and unsafe situations.

Lesson 2: I can demonstrate the Always Ask First Rule.

Lesson 3: I can identify safe and unsafe touches.

Lesson 4: I can identify The Touching Rule.

Lesson 5: I can identify the Never Keep Secrets Rule.

Lesson 6: I can identify and apply the Safety Rules to various situations.

Second Step Child Protection Unit