World War 2

By Ethan Quiroz

Adolf Hitler

-Hitler was secretly building a army and collecting weapons without no one knowing.

- Made alliances with Rhine land and Austria.

-hitler forced Austria to vote to be apart of Germany

-Hitler's allies were France and Britain.

An important Event

What?- Hitler was bombing civilians for the other side to surrender.


When?- In the 1940's and at night

How?- By bombing at night time for people not to get enough sleep.

Where?-London and other cities

The u.s getting Involed

The reason why we got Involed is because of Pearl Harbor.About 2,400 were dead.In Dec. 8 is when the u.s entered.Also we lost lots of money.

Axis Power Leaders

-Germany Adolf Hitler

-Italy Benito Mussolini

-Japan Hideki Tojo

Time Line

- 1938 hitler unified all German speakers peopl

Sept. 1938 Hitler gets to have the Sudetenland of czechosloslovakia

1939 Britian starts rearming for the battle with Hitler

May 1940 Hitler invaded and occupied Denmark

June 1940 Italy entered the war

June 22 1940 singed a treaty

Concentration Camps

It was horrible for Jews.The higher the social the more they get treated right it is the opposite for low social people.