Is it Megatrons last fight

Calvin Johnson is leaning toward retireing

Can anyone fill Calvins shoes?

In the 2007 draft 2nd overall pick, Calvin Johnson #81 is close to announceing that he may retire from the Detroit Lions. Calvin has played with the Detroit Lions for nine seasons. With being only 30 he is retireing at a very young age.
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Breaking Records

Calvin broke a couple records like having over 100 yards in 8 straight games.

He also broke the record on most yards in a single season with 1892 yards with one game left. When Jerry Rice had 1848 back in San Francisco in 1995

CJ's Stats from 2007 to 2016

Receptions- 731

Yards- 11,619

Touchdowns- 83

Longest Rep- 96

Calvin Johnson (MEGATRON) Highlights