bulk faxing

Online Bulk Fax Service for Fax Campaigns

Fax is an excellent way to communicate with the different business. It is considered to be a great medium to send delicate documents. Save the environment by switching to efax. It is safe and paperless. Lots of paper is saved by using efax.

In computing world, send faxes using your personal computer instantly anytime. There is no need to search for fax machines, and toner anymore. Send clear fax digitally with your email account. It is easy to use and is been used by millions of people across the world.

With fax broadcasting, you can communicate with customers globally. It makes communication capabilities better and impressive.

You can download the application on your phone and send the document across through your mobile phone.

With fax broadcasting, send your fax to numerous recipients in a go with ease. You can send your fax in minutes to thousands without any hassle and that too at an affordable price. You just need to upload your list and send thousands of fax in minutes. There is no need to buy those expensive softwares for bulk fax. If you want to skip a recipient from the list, it can be excluded. Simply, type their fax number in “do not fax list”, the system will skip the delivery to that particular fax number.

Some of the fax broadcasting features:

  • Autos retry option: It is an effort to send fax numerous times to widen fax advertising campaign.
  • Account management: You can save a record of current account balance.
  • Campaign management: The person can start, stop or slow down the campaign process on the basis of time management.
  • Reporting: Get a complete detail of your fax.
  • Account profile: You can edit or update your contact list at any point of time and at your own convenience.

Fax marketing enhances the customer interaction capabilities. After your fax brodcasting you get detailed information regarding your campaign. You get all the details who received your message and who did not.

Fax advertising is paramount in increasing brand awareness, thus boosting your sales. It is one of the superlative tools of marketing and is cost effective.

Through fax blasting, you can send a discount coupon, which will help you to know who can become your customers after fax broadcasting. You can fax blast to different groups at different times. If you don’t want to send faxes after work hours or during weeekends, you can add restrictions to your faxes. Fax blasting can be a successful tool for your business. Fax blast can produce exposure for your business.

Fax marketing is very common and is the powerful marketing action for any new business and is time efficient.

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