Henri Becquerel!!!!

Aspen Williams

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  • Born: December 15,1852
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Died: August 25,1908
  • Location:France
  • Age:55
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  • Occupation : Academic ,Scientist ,Physicist
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Extra fun fact:

  • 1896: Henri devised his first experiment to find out if fluorescent substances would give of X-rays.
  • 1903:Becquerel was awarded the Noble prize for physics.


  • Henri Becquerel came from a family of scholars and scientists.
  • His father Alexander Becquerel , a professor of Applied Physics, had done research on solar radiation.
  • Grandfather , Antonie Cesar ,had invented metals from their ores.

Contributation to Science:

  • Henri Becquerel discovered Radioactivity
  • he discovered X-rays in 1896, it led to studies of how Uranium salts are affected by light.
  • By accident , he discovered that Uranium salts spontaneously emit a penetrating radiation that can be registered on a photographic plate.
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