Biomes of the World

Marine Biomes ; Learn and be amazed

Marine Biomes

These biomes are worldwide and the temperatures are based on factors , the equator and lines of longitude and latitude are some of the factors, so if the temparuters were you live aren't to your liking there are other temperatures in other areas. Vacation and Relaxation are what come to mind when i think of this great beautiful biome!

Animals and there adaptations

Some of the great animals in this biome are Coral (yes they are animals[ they have plants and animals living in or connected to them]), Imperial shrimp, and Remoras.

Plants and there adaptations

Some of the great plants in this great biome are sea cucumbers, algae, and mongroves

If you want to know more

If you want to learn more about this biome go to this website ( watch the video below
Marine Biome Music Video