Slides Smorgasbord

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Slides Smorgasbord

Slides... So much more than a presentation.

Many of you are familiar with Google slides and the traditional "deliver content" use. Slides can offer so much more than dimly delivering content. From collaboration, interaction and creation slides can offer so much to your classroom Google tools integration. Check out this Blog Post Link.

Take some time to explore at least five of the slide options below.

1. Slides for Manipulatives

2. Slides for eBooks

3. Slides for Interactive Presentations

4. Moveable interactive slides with Drawings

5. Slides for Exit Tickets

6. Slides for Collaboration

7. BookSnaps with Slides

8. Getting Creative with Google Slides

Bonus: Slide Add-ons


Using a template, idea or starting from scratch create a slide activity from above learning that you could use with students this fall. Please share a link to your activity on the linked Padlet here.

After exploring and creating please respond to the questions on the linked Padlet here:

*** Please fill out this survey after completing your slides Smorgasbord Learning.