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November 12th, 2015

Booking OPEN for 2nd Semester!

Please let me know if you have a project idea we can collaborate on during 2nd Semester! The schedule is already starting to fill up for a couple of the busier months! Don't forget - I am available to help with the planning and preparation if you have an idea you would like to try!

OPS Library Resource for Staff and Students - Opposing Viewpoints in Context

This is a GREAT resource if you are trying to show both sides of the story. There are TONS of hot button topics that are sure to get a reaction from your students. There are topics that focus on environmentalism, animal rights, politics, racism, capital punishment, and marijuana, just to name a few. Try it out the next time you are planning a discussion or want a good writing prompt!

Check out why reading aloud to kids is so valuable!

Don't forget - there are some audio books on the OPS Ebooks site and TONS on public library sites. And ALL OPS teachers can get an Omaha PUBLIC Library card with proof of employment, even if you do not live in the city limits.

Reminder - staff access to Ebooks (you can link from my website):

Use your staff ID number and 123456 for the password.

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NEW Brain Pop Feature!

Brain Pop has added a new feature called Time Zone X. Topics include: Birth of the USA, Central America, Viral Epidemics, Space Exploration, Art, Early Mediterranean Civilization, and Earth Science. This game asks students to put the events in chronological order. It includes video and lots of graphics. Give it a look!

Login: bryanmiddle Password: bearspop