Sneak Peek

2T Edison School * February 1, 2016* Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

Science Fair:

The Science Fair will be on February 25th. Enjoy creating your projects!

WEB Biography Project

Students should have a person for their project and a book by now. Many students have started reading and are in the process of beginning their projects. Try not to leave the WEB project until the last minute, this will cause much stress for both you and your Second Grader! Pace yourselves and give your child time to be creative and enjoy completing the project at their own rate. Remember you can turn in the project at any time, however it is due February 26th.




The Big Idea in our Unit this week in Journeys is “We learn from each other”. We will be asking, “How do you find important story characters?” as we read this week’s main selection Violet’s Music. We will learn about four types of sentences; statements, commands, questions and exclamations. We will also read a biography about Mozart as we connect to Social Studies.

Phonics Skills: vowel diagraphs ai, ay

Word Study: wait, pay, train, gray plain, away, birthday, paint, clay, pail, hay, raisin, tray, someone, different, along, *explain

Vocabulary Strategy:

Figurative language and idioms

Comprehension Skill: Story Structure

Comprehension Strategy: Question


This week we will spend some time writing and telling stories and creating videos on Adobe Voice. This is a storytelling app that is super easy to use. The students will work with a partner to create a story and present their story to the class.

Social Studies

Our Earth

This week we will learn about the 7 continents and the oceans of the world. We will learn how to find locations and determine directions on maps and globes and draw maps to show places and routes. Then we will learn how people depend on the physical environment and it's natural resources. We will read about natural resources and describe how natural resources affect our lives.


Chapter 5

Let's Explore and Put on Your Thinking Cap

Draw diagrams to find solutions to real world problems.

Identify patterns and relationships.

Chapter 5

Division Game

Use repeated addition to multiply.

Solve real world problems with multiplication and division.

Draw diagrams to solve problems.

Chapter 5

Wrap Up

Use repeated addition to multiply.

Use repeated subtraction to divide.

Divide a given number of objects equally.

Solve real world problems with multiplication and division.

Review Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Assessment- Thursday

Chapter 6

Chapter Intro

Multiply 2 by skip counting.

Use dot paper to represent problems.

Multiply 5 by skip counting.

Multiply 10 by skip counting.

Identify odd and even numbers.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Aryhanna Applegate

We celebrated Aryhanna's birthday in class this week! Aryhanna turned 8 on January 24th! We hope she had a great day!

Mark Your Calendars:

February 4th- Pre-K Roundup Edison School 9-10:30

February 9th- Friday Schedule

February 9th- PTA 7:00

February 10th- Talent Show Rehearsal

February 12th- No School Teacher In-service

February 15th- No School

February 17th- Talent Show Rehearsal

February 18th- Kindergarten Roundup Jennings School 1-2:30

February 19th- Pennies For Patients Assembly

February 19th- PTA Family Dinner 6:00

February 22nd- Talent Show Rehearsal

February 25th- Science Fair

February 26th- WEB due


Send a Note to Let Me Know:

Please send in a note or email to notify me if your child is leaving school early or coming to school late. I can order lunch for students arriving late to class and I will be better able to prepare homework and have students packed and ready to leave early without interrupting the class. Thanks!

• Please have your child put their name and number on all assignments.

*Please label all of your child's belongings!

*It is still warm in our classroom, please help your child to dress appropriately and to bring a water bottle each day!