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Please PRAY for the work in SOUTH SUDAN!!

The blessings that come from your prayers & donations!

In this video you get a glimpse of the village & the farmland; hear from some of William Levi's family that have become Jon's family as well; & see the blessing of deep clean wells donated & installed in early 2013!!
Operation Nehemiah blessing of Water - Borongole & Beth Israel farmland, EE state, South Sudan


Operation Nehemiah Missions International is heeding the call to the Great Commission, sharing the Hope of Salvation in Jesus Christ for the redemption of mankind from their sin.

The focus is on rebuilding the Family, the Church and Community from the ashes of war. This is done through establishing genuine long term indigenous leadership among the South Sudanese nationals & pastors through family discipleship and sustainable living.

Our success will be accomplished by communicating the biblical framework of the family & the church, through discipleship of the local pastoral leadership; conducting workshops on the sufficiency of scripture, Christ centered worship, and biblical peacemaking and a work ethic to deal with physical need of their flock in society.

We also encourage men, women and children to play their proper roles in the home, church and community by working with their own hands. We desire to equip them by coming alongside & leading by example, but our objective is to reduce the resources coming from USA and other countries by increasing the resources within the country.

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William Levi & family, Founder of Operation Nehemiah Missions

William Levi was born & raised in Sudan, a country that has undergone two civil wars of religious persecution. He miraculously escaped the country in 1985, eventually arriving in the United States in 1988 with nothing but his Bible in his hands. After earning his degree in 1992, God refocused Levi’s attention on the country of his birth where two million of his countrymen had perished and another four million had been driven into exile. In 1993, Levi relinquished his engineering career to establish Operation Nehemiah whose goal is to restore the country by restoring the family, the church and the community which has been ravaged by multiple civil wars. He also wants to equip the Christian community worldwide to be able to fulfill the Great Commission as God leads each of us. South Sudan became an independent nation on July 9th, 2011 and there is much to be done there!

Main headquarters Operation Nehemiah Missions PO Box 563 Lanesboro, MA