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Another very fun and VERY busy week in Kindergarten!

Hi Kindergarten Families,

I hope you have all stayed warm and enjoyed your weekend. Last week we had a very busy week filled with our Unit 2 Benchmark assessment in Reading, Compass creations in Social Studies, FUN Science Fair experiments, and preparations for our Thankful Feast! We have such an exciting week ahead of us ... please read through this newsletter for all of the important information and details for the upcoming week.

Also, I will always let you know if there will be a day that I have planned to be out. This Thursday and Friday I be out of town. Your students will be in great hands with Mrs. Irshadullah! If you need anything during the day on Thursday or Friday, please send your e-mails to both me and Mrs. Irshadullah (

Book Fair is HERE!

If you have not had a chance to see our awesome new Reading Room Hallway, please come take a look!! Parent Volunteers have been working hard to transform our normal hallway to a medieval dream! It is SO COOL! We will be visiting the book fair as a class on Tuesday to create our individual "Wish Lists" of books we really like at the Book Fair. This list will come home with your child on Tuesday afternoon. You can look over the list and decide if you would like to send in money for your child to purchase one (or a few!) of the books on their list. We will go back to the Book Fair on Wednesday as a class to purchase books! Your students are so excited :-) The Book Fair is also open until 6:00pm during the week, so if you would like to visit with your child please feel free!

Taste Testing Party!

Don't forget.... your Taste Test items are due tomorrow morning. Please take a look at the list one more time to make sure you send in the right item for our Taste Test Science Fair Experiment!

Salty: Maddox, Allison, Akshita, Aiza, Rohan

Sweet: Aryan, Max, Yusuf, Neev

Sour: Atila, Izzet, Mateo, Daaniyal, Jalen

Homework Packet and Show-and-Tell

Early last week, I send an e-mail to see what homework packet you would prefer. I have offered two options this week for Homework Packets. Your child will either bring home the shortened homework packet due on Friday, November 21st or the extended homework packet due on Monday, December 1st when we return from break in their folders tomorrow. If you have not e-mailed me your preference, please do so by tonight! If I do not receive an e-mail from you, I will be sending the extended packet with your child. This way you will not have to change your normal routine if you usually use weekends to complete some homework assignments.

Show-and-Tell this Wednesday will be about what we are thankful for. We all agree that we are very thankful for our families. Please send your child with something that represents your family or tells us about your family.

Thanksgiving Feast is Here!!

We are so excited that the week of our Kindergarten Thankful Feast is finally here! This e-mail will provide you with some details for the awesome day. Please read through the e-mail carefully, so you won't miss any of the important details!

On Wednesday, you child should wear their regular uniform polo with a white undershirt underneath their polo. On the bottom they should wear blue jeans or blue pants. We will be putting on our special-made shirts right before our performance, so make sure your child has on a white undershirt to wear underneath their special shirt! We know that jeans are usually not permitted unless it is a dress down day, however Wednesday is a special event and we have been given special permission to wear jeans! :-)

You should pack a normal lunch for your Kindergarten student, however you do not need to pack an afternoon snack unless your child is a very picky eater and may not want any food served during our feast! We will be enjoying our feast during our regular snack time, so you do not need to pack anything extra with their lunch.

Our feast will start at 1:30 in the cafeteria. As you arrive to school, please feel free to make your way down to the cafeteria, place your dish on the food table if you are bringing one with you, grab a program from the basket, and find a seat! Please make sure I know if you are planning to come, we wouldn't want to start the performance without everyone who is planning to attend!

We are still in need of a few food items for our feast, so visit our Sign-Up Genius page if you are willing to bring a dish to share with all of our Kindergarten family and friends!

We are so excited for this day, and we hope you are too! Your students have been working very hard to provide you with some awesome entertainment! We will hopefully see you on Wednesday. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.

Reading Logs, Sight Words, & Accelerated Reader

Your students are doing a great job with their daily reading at home. Please keep working hard on reading, Sight Words, and AR! I will collect our November reading logs when we return from break.

Names in your Jackets and Change of Clothes

Very important...... many of our Kindergarten friends are now wearing their FSAPS fleece jackets to school because of the cooler weather. Please make sure your child's name is in their jacket! Many of our students do not have their name, and we cannot tell our jackets apart :( It is very important that your child's uniforms are labeled with their names.

Sometimes messes happen in Kindergarten! We always like to be prepared for this by keeping an extra change of clothes in your child's cubby. Does your child have a change of clothes that is appropriate for the cooler weather headed our way? If not, please make sure to send in a bag (labeled with your child's name) for them to hold in their cubby.

Curriculum Corner...

Reading and Language Arts: In Reading and Language Arts this week, we will be reading a story called Little Panda. Students will practice identifying facts from a Nonfiction/Informational text. Students will continue to practice Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives. On Friday, students will take a short sequence assessment and do an information assessment on "Verbs".

Social Studies: In Social Studies we will continue to practice reading maps and using our cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West. We will also learn about the history of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Science: More Science Fair! Students will work hard on the Science Fair experiments. We will do many different group's experiments this week... it is going to be SO much fun!

Math: On Thursday, students will take their Ch.5 Size and Position assessment. Your child will bring home their Math In Focus worktext on Wednesday evening to show you what we have been practicing, and tell you about what they have learned about size and position during this chapter.

How Can YOU help our Kindergarten Classroom?

- Sign up to be a Mystery Reader on Friday mornings at 8:00am (sign up is outside our classroom door)

- Sign up to bring materials for our Thankful Feast

- Send in your child's 'Taste Test Party' food item on Monday!

Thank you for all you do!

Save The Dates:

School-wide Book Fair - Nov 17-21st

- Tuesday the 18th: Visit to create our "Wish Lists"

- Wednesday the 19th: Visit to purchase items!

Kindergarten Thankful Feast and Performance - November 19th (1:30-3:00pm)

All FSA Thanksgiving Feast Dinner - November 20th (6:00pm)