CWES Staff News

Week of April 11-15, 2016

In the Know....

WELCOME BACK from your much deserved break. I do hope you had an opportunity to unwind and refresh. I have a few great pictures of your spring break travels. please continue to send them to me. I am happy to post them so we all have an opportunity to share our fun times!

  • These next few weeks will be filled with testing, finishing curriculum and getting ready for the summer break. Please make sure you are engaging students during these trying times. As the clock clicks, the students seems to get more and more excited that summer is around the corner and behaviors tend to intensify so you might want to review the rules and procedures with your class.
  • If you do not have a positive behavior system already in place, you might want to think of that reward system and implementing one. I will be supporting Anita with anything she needs while testing is in the building because her #1 priority these few weeks will be testing so ensuring that only "non negotiables" are sent to the office will help her out these next few weeks. I will be available also to help with any situations that occur.
  • I will go on the news Monday to welcome everyone back, talk about testing and remind everyone about hallway and other behaviors during these next testing weeks.
  • Clinic: Judy is seeing most days 80+ students. as we move into the last few weeks, please make sure the students you send have a clinic pass and a real purpose to come to the clinic with this amount of students passing through her door the turn around time can be long and if they sit too long, they are missing valuable instructional time. I trust you are using your best judgment. Thank you!
  • FORMATIVES: We are still working on getting into classrooms and typing them up. once you receive notification you have received your feedback, please make sure you sign off on your formatives. If you need help, I can assist you.
  • I will be sending out an email later this week with some summer PL opportunities.

Looking Forward........ MILESTONE TESTING

Testing, testing and more testing!

Hold on, you have done great work and your students are ready!!!

Please make sure if you are a testing grade, you adhere to all of the training materials and guidelines. it is very important to NOT have any testing irregularities.

  • I do take testing very, very serious. AS a testing coordinator for 8 years I do know how stressful this time of the year is for for you as a teacher and for Anita as your test coordinator. If you have any questions, please ask... no question is silly. We would rather answer the questions than have a testing irregularity.

If you are not a testing grade, it is important students are quiet in the halls, ensure your students are engaged in an activity that allows the classrooms that are testing to not hear your class.

Thank you in advance for helping our classes and halls to be conducive to testing each morning!


This weeks Leadership IS TUESDAY. I would like us to go over the information we gathered from our PD on March 10. Sharon compiled it for us. Id like to discuss next steps.


SGC- Vote is in!

Please help me congratulate the voted members of our School Governance Committee for the next 2 years.

  • Mike Rostin- your staff member. He will be fabulous and will have a great perspective for our committee and school. Thank you for wanting to be a part of this honor to help lead our school.
  • Ginger Chubbs- our parent representative. We had 5 parents run and she is our proud elected parent. Her daughter is a Kindergarten student in Ms. Walls class.

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Thank you for all you do! I am so proud to be your principal!!! #ibelieveinyou!