The Wall of Self-Preservation

Chapter 4

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According to Philip Selznick, author of Leadership in Administration, In both personality and institutions "self-preservation" means more then bare organic or material survival. Self-Preservation has to do with the maintenance of basic identity, with the integrity of a personal or institutional "self".

The Four Practices of Self-Preservsation

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1. Spiritual

  • In Spiritual preservation the soul is the body within your flesh body also known as your "spiritual" body.

  • Your "Spirit" is the intellect of your soul or that which makes your soul different from everyone else's. This is what makes you your own individual.

  • Preservation of the soul meant to attain salvation, and to insure your soul does not perish. Spiritual preservation means to make sure your intellect stays righteous. That is to say to make sure the things you do, and the way you live, are righteous in God's eyes.

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2. Mental

  • For Mental Self-Preservation it is important to practice self awareness. If you notice yourself slipping into a state of selfishness then it is important to note this.

  • Also you need to make sure that self-care is not a priority because putting yourself first will hinder your ability to build/maintain relationships

  • Start small, starting with a boundary that doesn't threaten your mental mindset and slowly increasing to become more challenging.
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3. Physical

  • For Physical Self- Preservation make sure to trust yourself and others' unique abilities because everybody is special in their own way!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Physical preservation can lead to you becoming distant/standoffish with people that you intend to work with

  • Name your limits, consider what you can tolerate and accept make boundaries to help you reach your goals because you don't want to feel uncomfortable or stressed out while accomplishing those goals.
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4. Emotional

  • For Emotional Self-preservation it is important to consider your past and present. How you were raised along with your role in your family can become additional obstacles in your setting and achieving goals to overcome self preservation!!!!

  • Consider your relationships, are they reciprocal? Is there a healthy give and take in the relationships?

  • In a respectful way let the other person know what in particular is bothersome to you and they you can work together to address it.