Physical vs Chemical Properties

By: Isaac Miller

Matter, Mass, and Volume Description

Matter- Matter is something that takes up space.

Volume- The amount of space there and then by another object is volume.

Mass- A measurement of how much matter is in a object

Physical Change in Matter

A physical change in a substance doesn't change what the substance is.

Physical Property

A characteristic of a substance that can be observed or measured without changing the matter's identity.

2 examples of Physical Property

- Color

- Smell

Physical Property of Matter

Properties that can be looked at without changing the matter

Physical Change

A physical Change is any change not involving a change in the substance's chemical identity.

2 examples of Physical Change

- Broken Glass

- Snapped Pencil

Chemical Property

A property of matter based on it's ability to change different properties




Chemical Properties of Matter

Tells how matter reacts to other matter

Chemical Change

When one substance is change into another substance

2 examples

Baking a cake


Chemical Change in Matter

Any ability to produce a change in the composition of matter