Record and Share

What is it?

Audioboo is an app that allows you to voice record for up to 3 minutes and share from your iphone or iPad. Audioboo also has a website that will allow you to collect all of your boos in one place. All boos are public if loaded into your Audioboo account.

What do I need?

You will need to add the Audioboo app to your device. This is an app designed for the iPhone, but it will also play nicely on the iPad as well. There is an Audioboo app just for the iPad. This is NOT the app you want.

There are also two Audioboo apps on iTunes: Audioboo and Audioboo 2. I prefer the original version since it still allows you to share recordings by giving you a simple link.

How do I share my Audioboo?

Audioboos recorded on the original iPhone app can be shared by a link or sent through email. They can also be shared directly from your device to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

In Audioboo 2, your boos can only be shared via Twitter or by uploading to your Audioboo account. I find this very limiting.

Regardless of the app that you choose, all Audioboos can be embedded in a blog or site. Just go to the link for that boo or open a boo in your account. There will be an embed code there to use.