MIS Monday Message

September 8 - 11

Core Beliefs

I believe that everyone on staff is part of our team and should be involved in making decisions.

This past week we held team meetings and spent some time making some decisions. We've expanded our teams beyond just grade levels and it's been neat to hear ideas and gain perspective from each person. Several things have come from the meetings this week that I'd like to share with you.

1. Majority doesn't rule.

That may sound strange, but I had this conversation in several team meetings this week. Many make the assumption that the majority rules and that if your opinion differs from the majority, you shouldn't share it because you won't win anyway. I don't believe that the majority should always make the decision. I believe that every person should give input and that we should compromise with one another to arrive at the best solution for our students.

2. Being transparent is hard, but necessary.

It's hard to tell someone when they've hurt your feelings or made you angry. Or to ask them if you've done something to make them mad. I get that. It's hard for me, too. But that doesn't mean it's not necessary. We have to be willing to tell each other when we're upset without shutting down if we're going to be able to function as a team. Even though it's hard, I want us to stay the course. We are making progress, but it takes every single person making the decision to be transparent. When we're transparent and tell someone how we feel in a timely manner, we have way less drama!!! This is a great thing to model for our students as well.

3. When we work as a team, we achieve more.

I know you've heard it, but it's true. I see that with our teams. We all have great ideas on our own, but when we come together, we have amazing ideas! It's so refreshing to sit back and watch teams work together to come up with great plans for our school. Thanks so much for being willing to work together.

As we continue on our journey to build our team and culture, it's become apparent that we need one more member on our Leadership Team. I will be adding a Classified staff member to represent them on the Leadership Team. I'm also working on ways to include our custodial, cafeteria, AmeriCorps, and office staff in our team meetings. If you have ideas, please let me know!

Thanks for doing such a great job with our students each week. As I walk the building I see that our students feel safe and happy in our school. You are a big part of that. Let's make it a great week and enjoy having tomorrow OFF!

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MIS Billies Back the Blue!

This Friday we will have special event to celebrate our Law Enforcement officers. We've invited them to eat lunch with our 5th grade students on Friday to say thank you. While they're eating, we'd like to get 3rd and 4th grade to line the hallways (similar to how we do the 5th grade walk at the end of the year) with signs and banners that say Thank you, etc. As 5th dismisses, we'll get them to line the halls by the office.

Once everyone is in place, we will direct all the officers to exit through the cafeteria door by the library and walk through the halls. We want the kids cheering, giving high-fives, and saying thank you. (You're going to have to prep them to do this - they seem to just stand there and not say anything unless we tell them to!) This part will be a surprise for the officers. They just think that they're coming to lunch.

We also want everyone to wear blue on Friday. I know it's Garden Clean-up day, but you can wear blue Garden clean-up stuff, right? AmeriCorps is working with us on this project and having the students do some things this week for fire fighters and EMT's as well in honor of 9/11. They're doing a note home for parents so kids will know to wear blue on Friday.

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  • It's time to start on PGP's in Bloomboard. All certified staff need to log in to Bloomboard and set up your goals and PGP. To get to your PGP, you have to first click on a sticky note. Then you complete the strengths and weaknesses notecards. From there it will take you to the PGP questions. Remember that you only do the questions that say TESS. Do not complete the questions that say LEADS (that's the admin. PGP). Your goals from last year will still show up, but you'll have the option to archive them once you're in. If you've finished a goal, then archive it. If you'd like to continue it, then just complete the information and it will stay there.
  • Remember that everyone will receive a rating this year in TESS, not just those with formal observations. If you're not on a formal track, you will be rated on your PGP. Please keep that in mind when you're writing your goals and choose goals that cover multiple components.
  • I will set up PGP meetings with you for the next few weeks. You'll receive an email with the date and time, and your PGP will need to be completed by then so we can discuss it.
  • If you're having problems with the PGP or have questions, please get with Blake, Rachel, or Carrie. They can provide technical assistance!

Tech Task of the Week

Some of you did this last year, but I need every one to make sure this is done. It really makes a difference on my end of Bloomboard when I log in to see your face instead of just a gray square.

Please go into Bloomboard and set your profile pic. The video is below for those of you unsure of how to do it. If you've already done it, there's no need to do it again.

We will have a Twitter chat this Thursday at 8:30. I'll remind you on Wednesday and send out the topic!

How to Set your Bloomboard Profile Pic

Upcoming Events

Monday, 9/7

  • Labor Day

Tuesday, 9/8

  • PPC Nominations taken (Grimes)
  • Vision Screenings (cafeteria - afternoon only)

Wednesday, 9/9

  • District Safety Meeting @ Co-op, 8:15 - 12, (Workman, Abbott, Grimes)

Thursday, 9/10

  • Twitter chat, 8:30 - 9:30 pm

Friday, 9/11

  • Garden Clean-up Day
  • Billies Back the Blue Day - lunch at 12:15; hallway walk at 12:45

Wednesday, 9/16

  • Grades cut off

Friday, 9/18

  • Grades uploaded by noon

Academy, GT classes for 4th and 5th, and After-school all start September 14th.

Progress reports go home 9/22 in Tuesday folders.