A Run for Refugees

5k Adventure Run

What is this?

We are holding a 5k adventure run to raise money for Syrian refugees. This will be a 3 mile race where participates, who will be split into groups of 3-5 people each, will collect challenges along the way and complete them at the end of the race. The winner will get a $75 gift card of their choice

Saturday, May 14th, 8am

1200 Ballweg Road

Arlington, TX

Entry fee:

Children (ages 4-11): $8

Coble Students: $10

Adults (ages 12+): $14

*Donations accepted* *RSVP before event is required*


7am: Volunteers set up checkpoints along the trail

7:55am: Line up at start

8am: Race begins

9:30am: Race ends

9:40am: Points are counted and winner determined

9:50am: Winning team is announced and wins a $75 gift card of their choice