EM wave spectrum

By: Ashley Wheeler

Radio Waves

A radio wave is used for long distance communication, electromagnetic wave. This is low frequency. Radio waves are safe. TWO EXAMPLES ARE: We use tv's and our phones which carry these signals of radio waves.


Microwaves are used in a radar, in communications, and for heating food, also shorter than normal radio waves. A microwave has low frequency and microwaves are dangerous because they can burn you and cause fires. TWO EXAMPLES ARE: To cook and warm up or food and molbile phones also use microwaves.
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An infrared wave is emitted by heated objects and are greater than the red end of viable lights. Infrared waves are high frequency and low amplitude. They are safe.. TWO EXAMPLES: Is the heat when we have the heat on or when it is hot outside. Another example is when we use a toaster.


An ultraviolet wave is above visible light and below x-rays also carries/ move energy. Also it damages your eyes so it is dangerous, and it has low frequency. TWO EXAMPLES: a bee sees it differently than us and other insects. Another example would be flowers and health conditions.


An X-Ray is produced by the sun and X-rays pass through soft tissues. X_Rays are safe and dangerous because they can do it wrong and hurt you but it can also know the bone that is broken. They are high frequency. TWO EXAMPLES ARE: When you go to the doctor and you get an Xray and they see if you have a broken bone or not. Also when you have your teeth xrayed.


A gamma wave is a type of wave also produced by the sun and stars and some radio waves and it kills cancer cells most of the time. It is high frequency and dangerous. It helps not have cancer and kills the cancer cells. TWO EXAMPLES ARE: Doctors use them to help keep us healthy and kill cancer cells and also fight tumors.

Visible Light

Visible light is basically everything because this is what helps us to see colors and everything else that we see. Only electromagnetic wave we can see. This is dangerous because if something is too bright or too colorful it can hurt our eyes. But it can also be safe. We use it to see our phones and rainbows we also use it to see everything. This is high frequency.
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