Title I Newsletter

Neshaminy School District, May 2021

Dear Neshaminy Families,

The NSD Title I Newsletter is published to keep you up to date and informed about what is happening in our Title I programs. This issue provides families with a menu of on demand parent workshops designed to help our adults learn about reading related topics to support their developing readers at home. The buttons throughout the newsletter are links to reading and math articles, activities and parent resources.

Don't forget to participate in the Title I End of Year Survey and signup for a district sponsored literacy event. Enjoy!


Ms. Maurizi

Title I Reading Specialist & Coordinator

In This Issue...

  • A Book for Each Child Campaign
  • Early Reading Series Workshops on Demand!
  • Title I Parent & Family Engagement Opportunity
  • NSD Title I End of Year Survey
  • Sora Returns to Neshaminy Elementary Bigger and Better! (Workshop Registration)
  • How to Read an eBook with Your Child
  • Math Activities to Enjoy with Your Child


Our featured author/illustrator for the NSD Title I, A Book for Each Child Campaign is the award winning Peter H. Reynolds. Each grade level will receive a different Reynolds book. Peter H. Reynolds is probably best know for his books The Dot and Ish. His timeless stories embody themes that inspire "authentic learning, creativity and self-expression". To quote Reynolds regarding this school year as School-ish 2020-2021, "When the going gets tough, the tough get creative." Title I thanks our families for getting creative and partnering with us to reach our learners at school and in the home. We know it hasn't been easy and are grateful for your support during these challenging times.

According to our fall NSD Title I Parent & Family Engagement Survey , Title I parents ranked take-home materials #1 for how they would like Parent and Family Engagement funds to be utilized. Over the course of the year, NSD Title I has responded to this feedback in various ways: via apps for intervention specific to our Title I schools, virtual parent workshops accompanied by literacy take-home workbooks, Scholastic book pack giveaways and now, A Book for Each Child Campaign. Through this campaign we hope to encourage family literacy engagement during the summer months.

Early Reading Series Workshops on Demand!

While parents and guardians expressed interest in an array of topics that were included included in the Title I Parent & Family Engagement Survey, the clear winner was literacy. Below you will find links on demand to The Early Reading Series Workshops that were offered virtually last month. Each workshop comes with a Take-home Workbook of activities that support reading engagement in the home.

About the workshops...several organizations, including Drexel University and the Aim Institute for Research and Learning came together to make sure our kids are strong readers by the time they get to 4th grade. The group that is coordinating these partners is Read by 4th. Neshaminy School District welcomed these partners in the Early Reading Series Workshops.

Title I Parent & Family Engagement Opportunity

Each spring, Title I schools are required to develop a continuous improvement plan for the upcoming school year. Parents, families and community members are invited to participate in this process. If you are interested in participating on the steering committee for the planning, development or review of the Schoolwide Title I School Plan at your child's school, please reach out to your building principal.


Parent and Family Engagement is integral to the Neshaminy SD Title I programs. One of the ways in which parents can participate is by completing the Title I End of Year Survey. The opinions and views of parents/guardians are very important to Neshaminy School District Title I Programs. As part of our annual end of the year evaluation, we ask parents and guardians to complete the below survey for your child's Title I school. The survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete!

Ferderbar Title I End of Year Survey

Hoover Title I End of Year Survey

Miller Title I End of Year Survey

Schweitzer Title I End of Year Survey

Sora Returns to Neshaminy Elementary Bigger and Better!

In an effort to prevent summer slide in our Title I schools last summer, Neshaminy Title I made available a plethora of titles for the online eBook platform, Sora. This year, the district will continue in the eBook tradition as a reading resource. What's changed? Now Sora will reach all elementary students districtwide. The district has decided to renew all book titles plus add many more to the collection. No Title I funds will be used in the renewal or expansion. Neshaminy will be making the Elementary Summer Reading lists accessible through Canvas and the Sora app.

Join NSD on June 2nd for a fun virtual information session to find out more about how to prevent Summer Slide by accessing Sora over the summer months. Any parent that attends will gain early access for their child to the NSD Canvas Summer Reading List. Although this is not a Title I sponsored event, we want to keep you informed about all district opportunities that support literacy during the summer months!

Click here to register for the workshop, Engaging Readers Over the Summer Months

How to Read an eBook with Your Child

Electronic books, called eBooks, are becoming more and more commonplace these days. Newer, touchscreen devices have expanded what is possible to include eBooks with many more features. Click to read more how to read an eBook with your child...

Fun Math Activities to Enjoy with Your Child!

Math-Themed Twist on Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Playing this fun, family-friendly game can help deepen your child's number sense and love of math! Recommended for ages 4-10

Practice Fractions: Cooking-Inspired Math Problems

Show your child real-world applications of fractions using this word problem worksheet printable focused on food, recipes, and portions. Recommended for ages 9-11.

NSD Title I Parent Handbook

Title I A. of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act provides financial assistance to school districts and schools with high percentages of children from families that may have various disadvantages. Read to find out more about Title I at NSD.

Neshaminy School District Title I

Please feel free to contact Michelle Burkholder, Director of Elementary Education, at anytime with questions, concerns or suggestions regarding Neshaminy School District Title I.