With Jo Moore Webster & Garry Panton

Come along and receive a message from your loved ones in the spirit world.

Introducing Jo Moore-webster and her colleauge Garry, Both these Experienced Mediums will provide a link to the spirit world and help you receive a message from your loved ones.

They have many year's experience and often devote their time to the local church and raise money for various charities.

10.00 per ticket. please book now to reserve your seat. :)


Friday, Sep. 27th, 7-9pm

Units 5 & 6 Villandro House, Freetown Way

Kingston upon Hull

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.


Jo Moore Webster

Hi I'm Jo I started off going to the spiritualist church around 9 years ago and then shortly after going to the open circle. within a few months started speaking along side garry I then started going on my own and have been speaking in churches and centres, passing on messages of evidence that confirms that our loved ones in spirit are very much alive and around us in our daily lives of which is a true blessing x


I am a spiritual medium/clairvoyant and psychic.I work on stage and platform in spiritualist churches and also on internet radio,delivering messages from those who have passed over to the loved ones they have left behind. My aim is to give you both evidence and philosophical guidance from spirit by speaking with love,empathy and compassion. Im currently into twitter as mediumgarry so if you wish to follow me there please feel free

I do not speak to the dead !

I speak to the living spirit !