Come join us for some food and fun!

Holiday gathering

Bring a topping!

We're making our own pizzas and we need each person to bring a topping of sorts. Think sauce, cheese, veggies, meat, etc. Feel free to get creative!

Holiday Party

Sunday, Dec. 22nd, 4pm

828 Dorken Ln

DeKalb, IL

Kara's place (large ranch-style, white brick house)

**Directions from the Y:
1) Left on Bethany Rd
2) Left on 1st St.
3) Right on Dresser Rd
4) Left on Normal Rd
5) Left on College Terrace
6) Left into my driveway (College Terrace dumps into Dorken Lane)

List of Activities

Make Pizzas: 4-5pm
Eat: 5-6pm
Gift Exchange 6-7pm
Games 7-8pm

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Look around your house and find something you think will either:
a) make someone laugh or
b) get used more by another person
Wrap it and get ready to exchange! We will play what my family calls 'Dirty Santa' where we draw numbers and each gift is able to be "stolen" up to 3 times!

Have any fun games for groups? Bring 'em!


Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Brenda Lee by christmas2011playlist