Social Perceptions of Women

How they were looked at and what they were expected to do.

Perceptions of High Class Women

Even with so much wealth and power, they had little choice in life. Basically, everything they did was governed by their family or society at large. They were supposed to be ladylike. They attended Home Economics classes that taught them basic home skills like sewing, cooking.

What about the middle class and single women?

Most of the middle class women worked as housewives who looked after the family, the house and maintained the general welfare of the household. Single women had low-paying occupations, but since the only ones they had to financially support was themselves, they could make ends meet, although barely.

Lastly, not to forget the women in the Lower Class

Almost all of the lower class women were housekeepers. In order to keep their families comfortable, financially viable, and to take care of their children, they worked long hours, sometimes for extremely low wages, and maximised every opportunity that came their way.

Nothing was complete without a little racism

Women were barely granted the right to work for a living. On top of that, there was discrimination between the white women and the black women with respect to the kind of job they got. White women were more likely to be salesgirls or nurses, whereas black women worked as maids, cooks and laundresses.

Discrimination Against Women

You can find us basically all over the United States of America in the 1900s.