Williamsonians & McLaughonians

April 4-8

This Week's Special Events

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Thursday Night Reading, Writing, and Science (30 minutes)

Once you are logged into Stem Scopes, work through the life science assignments of your choosing for 30 minutes. Be sure to know the vocabulary like the back of your hand.

Wednesday Night Reading, Writing, and Science (30 minutes)

If you completed the homework the past two nights, you don't have homework tonight. The rest of you need to complete your missing homework tonight (see below for details).

Tuesday Night Reading, Writing, and Science (30 minutes)

Are you interested in conducting your own science experiment? I bet you are! Read this article to find out the process scientists go through when experimenting. http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/what-is-the-scientific-method

Once you've read this article, come up with three questions to ask your classmates tomorrow to see if they read and comprehended the main idea. Write these questions neatly on paper titled Scientific Method. Include an answer key.

Monday Night Reading, Writing, and Science (30 minutes)

Choose one of the five articles from below to read. As you read, determine the three most significant details, facts, then write them down on notebook paper to share and discuss tomorrow. Be sure to title your paper with the tile of the article.
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