Sabina Poppaea

By: Sukanya Basu


Date: 30 AD

Location: Pompeii, Italy


First Husband: Rufrius Crispinus. (Prefect of the Praetorian Guard)

Second Husband: Marcus Otho (Emperor during brief civil war)

Third Husband: Nero (Emperor of Rome)


Claudia Augusta - daughter of Nero

Rufrius Crispinus the Younger - son of Rufrius Crispinus


She is credited for the idea of Agrippina's death as well as Nero's first wife Claudia Octavia even though there is some confusion as to what actually happened.
QUO VADIS (1951) -Arena Fight -Man Vs Bull
Poppaea's true power hungry nature is shown in the film, Quo Vadis.


  • acquiring power
  • marrying people for power
  • murdering people for power


Date: 65 AD

Location: Rome, Italy

Cause: Murdered by Nero


She was married to Rufrius Crispinus at the age of 14. She gave birth to one son during their marriage, however the younger Rufrius Crispinus was killed by Nero's men after Poppaea's death.

Marcus Otho then fell in love with her. Seven years Otho's senior, Poppaea was Otho's mistress even during her marriage with Crispinus. When Crispinus died, she married Otho and he was emperor during a brief period in the civil war. However it is commonly accepted that Poppaea used Otho's position to get closer to emperor Nero.

Poppaea then became Nero's mistress. Her ultimate goal of becoming the empress was achieved. However her reign was short and unpleasant. She gave birth to Claudia Augusta, but the child died at four months of age.

Many historians credit her death to the hands of Nero. During her second pregnancy, Nero landed a fatal kick to her abdomen that killed her and their unborn child.