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Gaining High Degree of Public Awareness!!

Today, celebrities are endorsing almost every product out there in the market. Few days back, I was watching a video on YouTube I noticed a video showing the super model Heidi Klum. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the video and to my surprise; I saw that Heidi was endorsing a bacon cheese burger. Cheese Burger, Gosh!! I was surprised. Celebrities do some pretty weird things. Well, it’s nothing like, that I don’t like celebrities endorsing products but yes of course! It’s hard to see favorite models in such kind of advertisements.

I do think, celebrity endorsements are a good idea and I follow generally the products, but the lack of self awareness among individuals tends to screw things up pretty spectacularly. I have been a victim of such advertisements. I mean to say, the product that I brought after watching an advertisement screwed up. It was because; the product was not worth the money. Since then, I made my mind not to get lured towards advertisements. But I can’t help it! Recently, I saw such pictures of some of my favorite celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Katherine Heigl and Trace Cyrus on the web vaping electronic cigarettes. Wow! The brands are using these stars to endorse their products. Despite the fact that I have made my mind not to get attracted but I am unable to restrain myself.

I guess through the help of the advertisements, every company or brand is trying to rope the celebrities as their brand ambassadors. I have been researching about these devices and going through electronic cigarette reviews to get hold of the best. As per my research, users are quite impressed by brands like South Beach Smoke, White Cloud, V2 Cigs etc.

What I think is, greater the score of the services and features offered by a brand, greater are the chances of getting close to the desired impact. My friends are quite satisfied with South Beach Smoke and I am also thinking to give this brand a try.